Zoom Recordings

At Mayanot we believe strongly in the power of sharing Torah, spreading it and learning together. Therefore in addition to our Soundcloud and Spotify channels with thousands of hours of Torah online, we are happy to share our recent Zoom recordings with you to enjoy during these #Coronatimes.
As more teachers add links, we will continue to include them here:
Please note these classes have been taken from both the men's and women's learning programs. 

Rabbi Kaplan's Chassidus class:
1. Link  Password: [email protected]!N^+=
2. Link  Password: 8T&M+=*D
3. Link  Password: 8t&i*T&6
4. Link Password: 7k!a92^&
5. Link Password: 3M.V*&L1 
6. Link 
7. Link 
8. Link 
9. Link 
10. Link 
11. Link 
12. Link 
13. Link 
14. Link 
15. Link 
16. Link 
17. Link 
18. Link 
19. Link
20. Link 
21. Link 
22. Link 
23. Link 
24. Link 
25. Link 
26. Link 

Rabbi Kaplan's Gemara Class:
1. Link  Password: 2H$72^?2
2. Link  Password: 6U!43r&@
3. Link  Password: 9e&00MY0
4. Link  Password: 7P*==m?!
5. Link  Password: 7I#4&[email protected]
6. Link Password: 3e^4Wpy$ 
7. Link 
8. Link 
9. Link 
10. Link 
11. Link 
12. Link 
13. Link
14. Link 
15. Link 
16. Link 
17. Link 
18. Link 
19. Link 
20. Link 
21. Link
22. Link
23. Link 

Rabbi Kaufmann's Tanya Class: 
1. Link Password: Z1%+Ja2n
2. Link  Password: 9H#3!134
3. Link Password: 1s%@Q94s
4. Link Password: 1Q.i%2m*
5. Link Password: [email protected]!8vsa
6. Link Password: [email protected]@[email protected]
7. Link Password: 8C?81.q8
8. Link Password: 0e.6901*
9. Link Password: [email protected]*[email protected]

Rabbi Kaufmann's Pesach Class:
1. Link 
2. Link 
3. Link

Rabbi Gestetner's Class:
1. Link Password: 2A%[email protected]?$
2. Link Password:  5Q#4kOa!
3. Link  Password: 8f=3&7WL
4. Link Password: 4K^3e789

Hadas Melamed's Tehillim Class:
1. Link Password: 8z!4C3%6
2. Link Password: 6d+=D#=.
3. Link Password: 7E!$^22*
4. Link Password: 9A&=HZ9S

Rivka Marga Gestetner's Parsha Class:
1. Link - Tzav
2. Link Password: 5Q?1C13P -Achrei Mot/Kedoshim
3. Link Password: [email protected] - Emor 
4. Link Password:  6p^5p#.6  -Bamidbar

Esther Shemtov's Ma'amar Class:
1. Link Password: 2D#G.+X&
2. Link Password: 0H+AhGyh
3. Link Password: 8Y#J$q*+  (starting at 51 mins)
4. Link Password: 1C^fB&93

Rabbi Newman's Halacha Class:
1. Link Password: 8E*s%2+5
2. Link Password: 9F?.1E1*
3. Link Password: 4y%%^2+9
4. Link Password: 1s+1m9R%

Rivka Cohen's Megillat Rut Class:
1. Link Password: 3u=187S8
2. Link Password: 9S=#@7=2
3. Link Password:  7U!mzw!7
4. Link  Password: 6K&q3Q2G

Ronit Lewis's Sfirat Ha'omer Class:
1. Link 

Nechama Dina Hendel's Living Torah and then
Ronit Lewis's Haftorah Class: 
Link  Password: 6k#KK2I5

Nechama Dina Hendel's Living Torah Class: 
2. Link Password: 9o*X6=98
3. Link Password: 9L%?Eu1%

Ronit Lewis's Haftorah Class: 
2. Link Password: [email protected]^*[email protected]
3. Link Password: 9t^7=s^Q
4. Link Password: 6v&46ew9

Tehilla Markowitz's Pirkei Avot Class:
1. Link Password: [email protected]&91
2. Link Password: 0m#%h71&
3. Link Password: 3Y=*0gL^
4. Link Password:  4n^1=6$^

Tehilla Markowitz's Navi Shmuel Class:
1. Link Password: 2o!^[email protected]^
2. Link Password: 8Y#J$q*+
3. Link Pasword: 6K&q3Q2G  (starts at 1:09:00) 

3 classes, 1 recording!!!

Tehilla Markowitz-Pirkei Avot, R' Breitowitz-Contemporary Halacha, Kiki Newman-Kaballah of you. 
Link Password: [email protected]&N5H

Rabbi Breitowitz's Contemporary Halacha Class: 
1. Link Password: 7i=.$2#8
2. Link Password: 8y#7.YP=
3. Link Password: [email protected]?68#.

Kiki Newman's Kaballah of you Class: 
1. Link Password:  7z=!7e9L
2. Link Password: 7o=7&?F+
3. Link Password: [email protected]@

Sara Hecht's Sfira to Shavuot Class:
1. Link Password:  5m#0#11J


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