Mayanot Education Needed Now More then Ever: A Golden Opportunity to Support World Jewry!

The brutal massacre of October 7th has unleashed a global storm of brazen, unapologetic antisemitism. So-called activists force the issue, insisting that Jews live with a sense of threat all day, every day. As hundreds of thousands of people march in cities around the world, cries of “from the river to the sea” are forcing Jewish communities to take a stand for their brothers, their sisters, their Land, and themselves.  

The response we’re witnessing from the Jewish People is nothing short of phenomenal. Jews are re-aligning themselves with their heritage, adding mitzvos and acts of kindness by the thousands. Mezuzos are sold out; tzitzis are back-ordered; an explosion of Jewish events is rocking the world, and participation is smashing all records. 

The positive response from Am Yisroel has its roots in your greatest resource, our deepest well of resilience and inspiration: Jewish education!

For twenty-seven years, the Mayanot Institute of Jewish Studies has been a beacon of knowledge, inspiration, connection, and identity for tens of thousands of Jewish young adults around the world. Through textual learning, Israel-immersion, and hands-on authentic Jewish experiences, Mayanot curates a transformative education designed to equip our future leaders with knowledge and purposeful spirituality. The Mayanot experience awakens within students an innate love for their fellow Jews, their Land, and their heritage, which is essential in our fight as a nation to thrive in the face of global persecution.

Mayanot is now live in their year-end campaign, with a record goal of raising $2.7 million in 72 hours. The need for empowering, authentic, identity-building education has never been more clear. 

Mayanot alumni operate with Jewish self-esteem that is not born from a reaction to antisemitism, violence, or hate. It is a product of love for our people and our heritage, and our inalienable bond to our Homeland and to each other. Jews today face the shadow of antisemitism but this has only spurred a worldwide hunger for Jewish identity. Now is the golden moment for education, a shining opportunity to light up the darkness with knowledge, connection, and ahavas Yisroel (love for ones fellow).

Mayanot reinforces identity. 

Mayanot connects students to their Land and their people. 

Mayanot ignites passion for Judaism.

Mayanot students return to their communities empowered by Jewish pride and knowledge. 

Confident, connected, Mayanot alumni have the tools they need to navigate the discrimination they face on college campuses and beyond. These young people are fighting on the front lines of antisemitism. Our mission is to bring the learning and the light to as many young Jewish soul-diers as possible.

Knowledgeable, Empowered, and Proud - This is Mayanot! 

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