Join Us Mayanot 27 - Knowledgeable, Empowered, Proud!

Elevate Jewish education! Help us secure a vibrant future where more students can delve into their Jewish heritage, culture, and identity. 🕎 Will you stand with us as we empower the next generation of Jewish leaders on the frontlines against antisemitism?

Join our mission to raise $2.7M in just 72hrs! Every dollar will be DOUBLED, doubling the impact. Let’s make a lasting difference together.

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Mayanot provides transformative education, reinforcing identity, connecting students to their heritage, and igniting passion for Judaism. Graduates become empowered leaders in their communities, equipped to face discrimination.

Mayanot students are on the front lines against antisemitism, and we aim to bring this transformative education to more young Jewish souls. Your support could mean the difference between a proud Jewish leader on campus dispelling great darkness! Let’s stand together with Mayanot - knowledgeable, empowered, and proud!

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