Uniting for Israel: The Power of Collective Strength

In times of adversity, unity becomes our most potent weapon. As we face the challenges and complexities of today's world, it is essential to come together in solidarity for a common cause - the well-being and security of Israel. This unity transcends borders, backgrounds, and beliefs, for it is a force that knows no boundaries. The strength of our collective support, our shared determination, is a testament to the resilience and resolve of our nation. Together, we can create a shield against the forces that threaten Israel, a shield forged in the fires of unity. 

As history has shown, when we unite, we become an unbreakable force that stands firm against any storm. It's not just a matter of winning a war; it's a matter of preserving our legacy, our homeland, and our future. In unity, we find the strength to overcome, and in unity, we create a brighter, more secure tomorrow for Israel and Am Yisrael.

Sharing with you, a few things the students are doing to help the war effort: 

Shluchim from Mayanot delivering boxes of Shabbos food and putting on tefillin and bringing simcha (joy) to the soldiers, at an army base down south. 

Learning and praying in the merit of our soldiers, the hostages, and all of Am Yisroel. 

Tying several pairs of tzitzit and volunteering to make tzitzit for the thousands of soldiers who have requested them. 

Spreading light by giving out Shabbat candles in Jerusalem before Shabbat. 

Mayanot Women making sandwiches and food packages for the soldiers defending Israel.

We will continue to do our part. Sending love and light to those around the world who are all helping in their own way, we are one. #AmYisraelChai 

As the Frierdiker Rebbe said on Simchat Torah 1943, "At this time of war one must realize that this war is a spiritual one. Everyday first thing in the morning one rushes to read the latest news of the war as reported in the newspaper. However if one wishes to know where things stand in regards to the war, one should rather take a look at where things stand with the spiritual war. This is how one can come to know the latest news - how victorious are we in the spiritual war." 

Taking stalk of ourselves and increasing in good deeds is something we can all do to help. May we hear very good news soon!