A Letter to Our Students: During Times of War

Sharing a letter that is relevant to all of us, written by Rabbi Shneor Broh, Director of the Mayanot men’s Post High School Program to the students of the yeshiva in Jerusalem.

First of all, I love and respect each and every one of you. Just seeing your strength and resilience the last few days is incredible.

These are not easy days for anyone. Not for those fighting on the front lines and also not for those anxiously consuming the news.

I want to say a few things and please, try take it at face value. Without cynicism or second guessing.

It is easy to fall into a state of despondency and helplessness while sitting in Yeshiva feeling useless. But the real real truth is you are not helpless! You can make a huge difference.

We as Jews believe in more than just the physical here and now. Our actions can help affect out brothers and sisters fighting on the front line in a real and tangible way.

During the Six Day war and Yom Kippur war the Rebbe emphasized the idea that the Jewish people are like one body, and that by strengthening each limb we strengthen the entire body as one. The strengthening of ourselves in Davening and learning Torah, Ahavas Yisroel and Achdus provides real-time, physical protection for our soldiers.

It’s not a joke. Its not just a thing to say to make us feel good. It’s the real truth.

When Dovid HaMelech sent his warriors out to war he made sure that each and every warrior had a counterpart, a warrior scholar sitting in the bais medrash, learning on his behalf and providing him with physical protection.

This is the model we as Jews believe in. On top of our physical, financial, emotional support, we must also provide our warrior scholar support.

Please don’t underestimate yourself. You are lucky enough to be in Yeshiva. Your davening and learning in the merit of the soldiers on the battlefield is HUGE. It saves lives!!!

That extra effort in waking up on time and coming to classes and minyan, in having that extra Chavrusa with a shliach or fellow student, in saying that extra chapter Tehillim, in giving more Tzedaka, in giving your friend that smile and good word, these things are all iron domes providing life saving protection for our beloved soldiers.

Please please don’t fall asleep on the front lines. Now more than ever it’s critical for a strong day of Yeshiva. Chassidus, shachris, gemorah etc. I don’t want to talk in the negative.
We need you. Am Yisroel needs you. Israel is bleeding and at the same time we are strong. Rock strong.

If you’ve got here until now, I thank you for your patience.

May Hashem answer our prayers and protect our soldiers, bring back the captives and end it all with the coming of Moshiach now!

With much love and respect,