We Reached Our Goal, Thanks To All Of You!


THANKS TO ALL OUR GENEROUS PARTNERS & DONORS, WE DID IT!! We raised $2.6 million to keep advancing the Global Impact we’ve been cultivating for 26 years! To our supporters, our community, our family: we can hardly express our gratitude. Thank you, Thank you, Thank You!


The Jewish world needs forward-thinking education, and Mayanot leads the pack. We need young leaders who are empowered with transformative experiences that invigorate an unshakable Jewish identity.

We've secured immense eucational opportunities for thousands of young Jewish adults. Together. Now, our successes Light Up and fuel the next chapter and launch our compelling work to the Next Level.

Your contribution has helped us continue to ensure the Jewish future for the next 26 years! #Mayanot26 

View the Campaign Page here: Mayanot26.com