Amazing Growth Happening at Mayanot?

Mayanot Institute of Jewish Studies
26 Years of Global Impact

Mayanot is redefining Jewish experiential education. has the details.

In 26 years of service, Mayanot has learned a thing or two about young adult education. But nothing could have prepared the institution for the kind of growth that has taken place since the start of the pandemic. 

While many sectors of the market are shrinking, Mayanot is growing. When educational institutions are struggling to fill their attendance rosters across the US, Mayanot is responding to tremendous demand by adding a Shana Bet, a second year for the Men’s Post High School Program.

While many people were postponing international travel, Mayanot was turning out a record-breaking number of Birthright trips - this summer, 3,000 participants in one week alone. And that’s just the summer months - winter trips are heating up already!

While retailers are downsizing, Mayanot is building - and not just the Mayanot World Center, which is set to open this spring. The women’s program has seen a surge of interest over the past year, and the Mayanot Men’s program has almost doubled in size since Covid and there’s no slow-down in sight.

Speaking of no slow-down, the Mayanot World Center is staring down the final lap of construction! The offices are already in use, furniture is being assembled and installed, the lights are on - it’s almost ready to launch an avalanche of programs designed to bring young adult experiential education to new heights. The 200 beds will house both long-term and short-term students, interns, and lone soldiers. With each day comes a new opportunity for connection. There’s something for everyone here. And the Mayanot World Center is going to supersize Mayanot’s signature Global Impact. 

To make this all possible and accessible, scholarships are absolutely essential. Anyone who has ever benefited from a scholarship knows the power of financial assistance: it determines whether or not a Jewish student will have the opportunity to connect through the multiple programs we offer. No one is going to be left behind, not on our watch, and not on your watch either. You have the power to build this security today. Don’t miss this call.

Our goal in 2023 is to create 100 additional scholarships for the incredible builders, learners, and adventurers who will join Mayanot. Your donation during this campaign is matched 2x, so every dollar you give will have twice the impact - the Global Impact - for young Jewish adults. Mayanot is reaching further than ever. 

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