The Community Stepped Up For Mayanot In A Major Way!

WE MADE IT! Let the festivities commence! OUR COMMUNITY HAS UNITED TO RAISE OVER $2.5 Million! 

High fives for you, and YOU AND YOU!! To everyone involved in the success of this campaign, we wish to express our deepest gratitude and appreciation for your partnership. The Mayanot family shows up to supercharge this institution and ensure the future of Jewish leaders worldwide!  

While our progress and growth in the last 25 years has been quite amazing, today, we’re not just celebrating our accomplishments of the last 25 years of Visionary Education. 

And while today has been memorable and inspiring, we’re not just celebrating the overwhelming success of our community uniting to raise over $2.5 Million.

Today, we are celebrating YOU - the people who have supported us and carried us for two and half decades - allowing us to impact thousands of Jewish youth. Today, we celebrate you and the future of Visionary Education! 

Your involvement with Mayanot is truly an honor. We seek to connect with Jewish souls across the world, and your support demonstrates that you have taken a piece of us with you on your journey beyond our Jerusalem home. 

You are missed, you are always welcome, and we can’t wait to celebrate the next major milestone that’s just around the corner: the opening of the Mayanot World Center THIS JUNE, 2022! Stay tuned, an unparalleled ascent is just on the horizon with the dawn of a new era of Visionary Education.

If you wish to share our progress, you can still visit:, and feel free to stay tuned by checking out 

Thank you again, we couldn’t have done it without you! 

Check out the thank you video from Rabbi Gestetner and Rabbi Shemtov here: