A Mayanot World Center Building Overview: How Far We've Come

(Mayanot PHSP students on a tour of the Mayanot World Center, Nov. 2021)

The 'Mayanot World Center blog' has just celebrated it’s second year anniversary, sharing monthly updates and keeping the Mayanot family in the loop on all things building related.

We are so glad we could include you in the process for the last two years and can’t wait to have you visit the Mayanot World Center in person, very soon.

As you may know, if you've been following along with us at www.MayanotWorldCenter.com the Mayanot team has made amazing headway and we are so excited with what will soon b”zh be the end result of all of the hard work and all of your unwavering support. With thousands of students having a home away from home in Jerusalem!

Here  is a recap below of how far we've come. To check the updates in depth, visit us here.