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Mayanot Connects Project Update: October 2021

Mayanot Connects an initiative of the Mayanot Institute of Jewish Studies, in partnership with Chabadmatch. 

A global Mayanot initiative helping to move alumni from the Beit Midrash to their Jewish home. 

  • Mayanot Connects aims to help alumni meet their prospective spouse through the Shidduch system.
  • We aspire to help our students in integrating into Jewish life and community as smoothly and easily as possible.
  • We aim to create even more channels and opportunities for our students to meet their future spouse.
Proven Success:

This project has seen much success in the first nine months and we hope to continue to expand this initiative and help even more Jewish singles. 

Tools we offer: 

We offer our alumni a multitude of tools including: 
  • Coaching services;
  • Guidance from matchmakers, alumni, staff and lectures;
  • Resources, resume templates, links and volunteers, ready and able to help;
  • Inclusion in the Mayanot Connects Network online
By the Numbers: 
  • 7 matches made in the first 9 months
  • 12+ alumni involved
  • 5 staff members, 2 dating coaches & 1 alumni specifically dedicated to answering any questions that might come up
  • 4 zoom sessions, with 40+ participants each
  • 120+ students signed up
  • 50+ coaching hours completed

Assisting Students:
A matchmaker through Chabadmatch relates how she matched two Mayanot students, thanks to Mayanot Connects.

Yehudis Abramowitz relates: "I met Ben when he was a student at Mayanot Yeshiva in Yerushalayim. I was impressed by his good Midos (character) and we stayed in touch after he went back to the US and enrolled in a Master's Program in Social Work. One of the daily ChabadMatch/ MayanotConnects profiles appeared with Rachael's information. She seemed like just the right girl for him. After sharing the profiles and arranging for the the couple to meet, I found it such a pleasure working with each of them. B"H, they are now married. Their simcha is my simcha!" -Via a Chabadmatch Newsletter Update

Staff & Team Members:
The amazing people behind this project dedicating their time and effort!

Professional Shadchanim:
Shaindel Blasberg
Rachel Freidman

Dr. Yossi Ives
R'Moshe Raitman 

Volunteer Alumni:
Pia Ben David 
Chaya Goldwaser
Barak Hullman
Leah Nussbaum
Noah Pawliger
Tal Ratzenberg
Efrat Sher 
Lauren Spira 
Lea Wallach 
Andrea Werner 

R'Shlomo Gestetner 
R'Kasriel Shemtov 
R'Alon Silberg 
R'Moishe Silver 

Operations Team: 
Susie Muller 
Moshe Reichman 

To find out more and to get involved get in touch with us at: 
Mayanot Connects 
Executive Office 

Tel: +972.2.538.8770
Tel: +1.212.980.3414