A Year In Review: 2020 Mayanot World Center Updates

 When we at Mayanot, think about all that our team has accomplished this past year, we feel unbelievably grateful. Grateful to have such an amazing and supportive community behind us, propelling us forward. Generously pushing us ahead and ensuring the mission of Mayanot, to empower young Jews through education and build a new generation of leaders, is thriving. 

This past year of 2020 has been challenging, no doubt about that, but Thanks to G-d's help and the outpouring of love from our Mayanot family and thousands of supporters, the Mayanot World Center project has not only continued building throughout the year, but we have also successfully managed to keep to our target opening date of Fall 2021.

Take a look at how far our team has come this year and what an amazing transformation has taken place. Thank you for sticking with us and being active participants in the process. We look forward to what 2021 will bring.

Check out the video and photos below. And if you are interested in seeing monthly updates from the full year check out our Mayanot World Center Building Blog, Here.
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View the video by clicking here. 

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