#ROCMAYANOT Resilience. Opportunity. Commitment.

We hope you will join us in this year's #ROCMayanot campaign and express you R.O.C. together with us.

As Covid settled in, the world searched for answers. But Mayanot was resilient in the face of adversity. Firm like a "ROC," Mayanot remains available with our eyes always firmly focused on the future. With Schools closed, synagogues shuttered and social gatherings limited, Mayanot did not sit by. We seized opportunity in the face of crisis, going online and making Jewish education more accessible than ever before.

And today, we have redoubled our commitment. Our commitment to continue. To continue teaching. To continue inspiring. And to continue building the Mayanot World Center, to be completed, G-d willing, in 2021! Our new center will offer a plethora of long and short term programming including post Birthright Israel extensions, internships, lone soldier engagement and more, alongside our Men's and Women's Programs and Post High School Gap Year Program.

However, we actually cannot do it without you! Will you join us in committing to the Jewish future? On December 30th, come ROC & Roll with Mayanot! Visit our campaign page today to make your commitmentwww.ROCMayanot.com.

During Covid 19, Mayanot redoubled our commitment and during the #ROCMayanot campaign, your donation will be doubled! Be a Mayanot ROC and support the Jewish future today.

1. Give! Whether it’s $54, $154, $540 or $3,600, your (doubled) gift helps us continue our work.

2. Share! Grab your phone and help us spread the word! Send texts, emails, messages, WhatsApp blasts and more to your contacts to let them know we are having a campaign and need their support. Let's maximize the impact of community and together we can make this happen.

We are happy to share with you a testimonial from our recent Mayanot Women's Winter Online Program student, Malka Levine: 

For many years I had been hearing praises about the learning at Mayanot and the impact it has on its students. So when I saw the ad for Mayanot’s winter 5 week online learning for women, I grabbed the opportunity and enrolled. I attended the Halacha and Women's Mitzvot class and enjoyed and felt intellectually satisfied by both.


The Women’s Mitzvot class turned out to be a deep experience for me with significant impact on my life even afterwards. The teacher’s "holding space" for both the class as a whole and for each student individually, while simultaneously leading us through learning directly from sources, was to me unique. I felt I united with the text in a way that called forth my soul. Then after classes I felt like in class my soul had rinsed my brain. My mind felt really clear. I found myself having new insights into my life and ideas for speeding forth the trajectories I had already chosen for myself.


I also very much enjoyed observing how the teacher answered students questions thoroughly and without judgement, for students from such diverse backgrounds. She didn’t only answer the question. She answered the student who asked the question. There was quite the variety of women in the class, aged from 20s to 60s, from USA, Israel, Greece. Yet it felt like we were connected in our learning. 

Overall, I felt my soul more in the 5 weeks I was learning in Mayanot. I am very grateful for having had this chance to learn in Mayanot (even if it was by Zoom) and I look forward to the next opportunity.

Malka Levine