Take Your Learning To The Next Level!


Mayanot is offering an amazing Elul program starting in less then two weeks, with incredible Torah educators and a world class learning schedule. 

Running from August 25 to September 24th, 2020. Mayanot is capitalizing on the incredible momentum of the summer program with hundreds of students signing up from all over the globe.

The Elul program will focus on High Holiday and Sukkot prep, and cover a wide variety of topics such as Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur davening, Chassidic insights, Halachas and so much more.

For many students that want to continue their learning from the summer, or alumni that have always wanted to come back to Yeshiva for Elul/ Tishrei, this is an amazing opportunity to do that. 

There will be two amazing tracks offered, covering fundamentals and skill development for the first time learners and those experienced learners who want to get re-inspired with the light of Chassidus. 

Our women's program will highlight: in depth Chumash, Hebrew Ulpan, Talmud, Chassidut and Contemporary Halacha. Our men's program will contain two levels of Talmud and Chassidut with lectures on various topics. Overall the program en-devours to develop learning skills, assisting each student to take their learning to the next level. 

The program is being offered for a minimal fee of $36 for registration with no additional program costs. For those interested go to: https://mayanot.edu/Onlinelearning/

Take your learning to the next level, with Mayanot!! 

For questions please email: [email protected]

For more info visit: Mayanot.edu/online/ 

See the schedules below