Building Progress Update: January 2020


We are excited to share the progress of the new Mayanot World Center with you containing all the tremendous developments that have occurred within the last month. 

Under the direction of the engineers, all the metal structural reinforcements on each of the floors has been installed successfully. 

The walls on floors one and four have gone up. Floors two and three will be well underway by the end of the month. 

All room dividers are being built with concrete bricks, as is the norm in Israel. 

See below for photos of the recent progress, as the walls go up, and a short virtual video tour of the work being done. 

(Phase 1: Sectioning off Rooms)

(Phase 2: Prepping cement blocks for room construction)

(Phase 3: Finishing the walls, 
which will soon be dorm rooms, classrooms and student areas)

 building progress

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