Building Progress Update: Nov 2019

The building team at Mayanot has been working very hard on the renovations of the New World Center and we have made much progress. Below are some photos and video of the basement and first two floors. Not only do we want to share our physical progress with the entire Mayanot family, but also the overall vision for the building, which we know you will appreciate, as well. 

To answer the challenges facing us today and prepare for the challenges of the future, Mayanot has created a World Center of operations located in the heart of Jerusalem. 
Mayanot’s new World Center is a five story, 3,500 square meters (37,674 sq. ft.)  building with an open-air rooftop garden.  "The Word Center will allow Mayanot to enhance and expand its current programs and also provide a home for a palette of new programs, including:

1) The Beit Midrash Program - Jewish Literacy and serious textual study, essential to Jewish continuity and leadership, will be the core curricula for the Mayanot Beit Midrash program, which will include:
·         Summer Learning Seminars,
·         Year Abroad & Semester Programs,
·         Executive Learning Program,
·         Introductory Courses to the Classical Texts of Judaism
·         Advanced Jewish Studies Center

2) Birthright Extension Educational Center - The Birthright Israel trips are an exciting initial encounter with Israel and the Jewish people, which are often described by participants as ‘life changing’. The Mayanot Birthright Extend Educational Center, which will include a student residence, will leverage these ten day trips to Israel into lifelong Jewish journeys.

Academic research consistently demonstrates that trip extensions which offer an immersive experience in Israel is an essential means to launch young people on a path of Jewish engagement. The Birthright Extend Educational Center will offer a variety of experiential ‘gateways’ and meaningful Jewish experiences, such as:
·         Volunteering,
·         Educational Tours,
·         Professional Internships,
·         Israel Advocacy Seminars
·         Israel Environmental studies,
·         Business and Hi-Tech Workshops,
·         Kabbalah and Meditation Workshops,
·         Jewish Cultural Art and Music Forums,

3)  Lone Soldier Residential Center - Providing a home away from home for lone soldiers who have made aliyah and do not have family in Israel, or Israeli soldiers from Haredi communities who do not have support from their Israeli families.
Working in conjunction with the IDF, we offer:
·         Shabbat meals, Holiday Programs and Care Packages
·         A home for soldiers to grow and build long lasting connections
·         ‘Adopt a lone soldier’ program with the Mayanot community in Jerusalem
·         Social support and a platform for post army education and social integration
·         Spiritual support through Torah classes, and Spiritual Mentors
·         Mifgash  – Meaningful connection between visiting students and their peers serving in the IDF.

Mayanot World Center will be a home for all.  With your help, it will: nurture growth and learning for young Jews from the Diaspora; provide a haven for the lone soldier; and serve as an experiential learning center, reaching out to the community with a broad spectrum of enrichment programs offered throughout the year. But above all, the Mayanot World Center will be a foundation for building a new generation of leaders, empowering them with the knowledge and values to face the challenges of the future.

(The architectural team meeting in the basement 
of the New World Center, after the renovation crew has began working)