14 Successful Years!

(From Left: R'Chaim Moss, R'Kasriel Shemtov, 
R'Shlomo Gestetner, R'Yisroel Noach Wichnin)

After 14 successful years with Mayanot, first as Director of the Men's JSP Program 'Judaic Studies Program' and then as overall Men's Program Director, Rabbi Chaim Moss has decided to pursue new endeavors and will be leaving Mayanot at the end of this year’s summer program.

Rabbi Moss is working together with Rabbis Gestetner and Shemtov to make this transition as seamless as possible. Not without its challenges, these past 14 years have seen us achieve many successes together. Nothing speaks louder than the more than 2200 Yeshiva alumni that have invested more than just their time here at Mayanot, many of whom are now contributing and involved members of their respective communities.

Rabbi Gestetner shared, “we value highly our strong and long term partnership. Rabbi Moss has brought immense professionalism and curriculum advancements over the years. His dedication to the Judaic Studies program and then the Yeshiva Program has had immensely positive impacts for the students and the school.”

Rabbi Moss commented, “It's been an incredibly fulfilling experience for me, and I sincerely hope to continue working with Mayanot in whatever role and context the future holds.”

Rabbi Shemtov added, “Rabbi Moss ensured each student met their academic goals and created realistic goals for their overall growth in yiddishkeit. Caring most about the students interests, that’s what made the Yeshiva program so popular.”

We are grateful for all the amazing years that Rabbi Moss was with us. We want to thank Rabbi Moss for his tireless years of hard work and dedication.

Rabbi Moss will be transferring responsibilities to Mayanot Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Yisroel Noach Wichnin, who will be taking over as overall Director of the Mayanot Men's Program.

We are looking forward to this up coming year, and our continued growth. If you know anyone interested in coming to Mayanot please be in touch with us at: [email protected]

If you want to thank Rabbi Moss and be included in a booklet we are putting together for him, please send us an email with your message, at: [email protected]