Pesach Mazal Tov's

Mazal Tov to the entire Mayanot Family!
May we all have much simcha and nachas

Camille and Mathew Altman had a baby girl
Monica and Sholom Babayov had a baby boy
Shana and Andy Balkin had a baby girl
Zehava Bracha and Baruch Arky had a baby boy
Kira and Yehonatan Ben-Israel had a baby girl
Nora and Ori Bergman had a baby boy
Miri and Dovid Birk had a baby boy 
Maayan and Yaakov Dahan had a baby boy 
Batya and Kalman Delmoor had a baby girl
BrookeLynne and Shmuel Dukes had a baby boy
Rebecca  and Yaakov Michael Gohds had a baby boy
Chava and Chaim Aharon Green had a baby boy
Yehudis and Nathan Hoffman
Chana and Joel Janovsky had a baby boy
Ilana and Yisroel Dovid Klein had a baby boy
Esther and Gabriel Kushnir had a baby girl
Shifra Chloe and Yaakov Segal had a baby boy 
Lily and Danny Langer had a baby girl
Chana (Engel) and Adam Nisanoff had a baby girl
Chana Leah and Shia Nochum had a baby boy
Sandra and Mendy Paul had a baby girl 
Sara and Beeno Plotkin had a baby girl
Rachel and Thomas Ryan had a baby boy
Sara and Yonasan Sanford had a baby boy 
Chana Michla Efrat and Yosef Yitzchak Shar had a baby girl
Yaella and Mendel Silverman had a baby girl
Chanee and Motti Yarmush had a baby boy
Xany and Shimon Zeidman had a baby girl

Rachel Pittelman and Moishe Chakoff  
Jemma Strauss and Samuel DeFelipp
Devorah Boree and Mordechai Moshe Dorfman
Taryn Melissa Kantor and David Leon Eliezer
Shifra Kornhauser to Yossi Gopin
Hadas Austin and Avrohom Gottleib
Sara Kashani and Yisroel Gutovitch
Stephanie Brown and Yitzi Hallen 
Isabella Sarcher and Eliezer Jensen 
Kaila Reiders and Netanel Kimchi
Yocheved Cohen and Adam Reich 
Schirley Msika and Ronnie Sternberg
Lea Tikva Saragosti and Daniel Wallach 

Special Mazal Tov to Yossi Shemtov (Jerusalem) and Esther Malka Weinberg (South Africa) on their recent engagement. Mazal Tov to the parents, 
Rabbi Dovid & Sara Weinberg and Rabbi Kasriel & Yaffa Shemtov

Special Mazal Tov to the grandparents, Esther & Ari Lauchter on the birth of their grandsons, twin boys born on Purim Katan, 

Mazal tov the parents Dovid & Shoshana Riesenberg!

(The Silverman Family)

On April 1st 2019, the Mayanot Women's Program Alumni 
celebrated three weddings in one night!
(Devorah Boree giving blessings before the wedding)

(Lea Saragosi and Danial Wallach)

(Jemma Strauss with friend and alumna, Esther Fuerster)