Our 40th Season!

The Mayanot Birthright Summer program is kicking off in May, with over 4000 young Jews from all over North America, set to experience Israel on a 10 day trip, with 40 peers – many visiting Israel for the first time in their lives.

Mayanot has been a certified trip organizer since the inception of Birthright Israel, 19 years ago. Much more than a free trip, it is a gift from the Jewish people to its younger members, aiming to ensure a vibrant Jewish future while enabling young Jewish adults to explore their heritage in an environment of healthy dialogue, and experiential education.

During their 10 days in Israel, the participants will be joined by a group of 6-8 Israelis – either soldiers or students – with whom they will share the journey of discovery, while learning to understand one another's culture. 

Together, they will visit the mystical city of Tzfat in the North, Tel Aviv's contemporary metropolis, Jerusalem's Old City and modern day central marketplace, Mt. Herzl military cemetery, the Yad Vashem holocaust memorial museum, and, after hiking Masada and floating in the Dead Sea, will sit round the camp fire by the Bedouin tents in the Negev Desert.

Registration is still open ..... so if you know someone that would benefit from the trip, definitely send them the link! www.MayanotIsrael.com