Exciting Building Updates

#WhatsWithTheBuilding?! Remember that catchphrase we unleashed last year during our $2,000,000 campaign? We remember it well and we thank you for participating in that campaign. Over the last three years, more than 4,600 donors came together to help us reach this moment. And we can't thank you enough. 

It was just a few years ago, in December, 2015 when you helped us raise more than $2.3 million to make the Mayanot World Center a reality. But you didn't stop there! A year later, you helped us raise just over $3,000,000. Thanks to you, today, we are on the brink of making history. 

(Rabbi Kasriel Shemtov, Executive Director, outside the Mayanot World Center)

So, here's where were holding. Thank G-d, we've been able to purchase the building for $9 million, located in a prime location in the center of Jerusalem. Our new property boasts well over double the space Mayanot currently occupies. 

With our building committee, made up of donors and board members from Israel and the USA, in place, we've pulled together a team of experts including our head architect Zvi Weinberger, project mangers Igal Kaptsan, Shlomo Chaimson and host of experts. This team will be tasked with seeing the project through to the end, when we will open the doors to the new Mayanot World Center, forever changing the Jerusalem landscape and the future for thousands of young Jews. 

Now, we are ready to put metal to the concrete as we plan to begin our renovations in February 2019! This new center, that is only being made possible by your support, will change the Jewish future for thousands, creating leaders in the Jewish community and beyond. We will inspire young adults to connect to their Jewish identities and give them the opportunity to connect to the land of Israel while exploring their history their heritage and their culture. To put it simply, We will be ensuring a rich and vibrant Jewish future.