Are You 27-32? Now You Can Come To Israel With Us Too!

For the first time since it’s founding in 1999, Taglit: Birthright Israel has extended it’s eligibility age to 32 years, allowing a wider demographic to come and experience Israel for free. 

According to Birthright, the maximum eligible age reflects changing societal trends with young adults making life decisions – such as getting married and having children – later in life. This change will enable more Jewish young adults to develop connections with their heritage, the larger diaspora community and the State of Israel.

During the Summer of 2018, Mayanot ran two buses of 27-32 year olds. "We weren’t sure what to expect”, said Jessica, part of the trip-coordinating team." All of the applicants we’d had for these trips were from completely different backgrounds, at totally different stages in their lives. Some religious, some non-religious, some were parents, and some were soon to be married. Some were running very successful businesses. We wondered how the trip would affect them. Turns out they had an incredible time – they enjoyed floating in the Dead Sea and exploring Tel Aviv just like anyone else! But more than that, given their maturity, they were able to really appreciate Israel and soak up everything it has to offer.

This is an incredible opportunity for young adults to see Israel through a more mature lens, and really gain from the experience a new perspective on Israel, and a stronger sense of Jewish Identity. 

We hope to see Mayanot’s role in this en-devour to grow significantly, and to expand our efforts to reach more Jewish young adults. No one should have to miss out on the Israel experience!

Under 32? Eligible for Birthright but life got in the way? Head over to right now and you can still snag your spot for this Winter! 
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Written by: Sam Griffin, Mayanot Alum & Director of Marketing for our Birthright Israel division. 
Via our Mayanot Israel Blog.