Mayanot Mazal Tov's:

Mazal Tov to the entire Mayanot Family!
May this New Year bring us all much simcha and nachas

Mushkie and Shalom Aber had twin girls
Golda and Shimon Yisroel Avraham had a baby girl
Margalit and Jacob Bleakley had a baby girl
Johanna and Moshe Chazzan had a baby boy
Chana Miriam and Elon Golub had a baby girl 
Nechama Miriam and Alex Ioffee had a baby boy
Sharon and Ayden Jacob had a baby boy 
Bar BenAvi and Avi Josef had a baby girl 
Rachel and Elliot Levine had a baby girl
Aviva and Josh Linton had a baby girl
Sara and Ariel Novick had a baby boy
Devorah and Yitzy Rothman had a baby girl
Natalie and Isaac Schapiro had a baby boy
Noami and Tuvya Shleifer had a baby boy
Sara and Yitzchok Shulkin had a baby girl
Mieke Rivka and David Simcha Sidorsky had a baby boy
Maly and Ilan Smolarsky had a baby boy 
Lauren and David Ussishkin had a baby girl
Rivka and Yosef Wolf had a baby boy
Aura and Adam Zartz had a baby girl

Chaya Lopez and Yehoshua Eitan Ruben
Ayelet Rachel Mehaber Shimron and Berel Yosef Polonsky 
Peshy Greenberg and Nosson Zand 
Shira Le Roux and Eitan Press 
Chana Harrison and Yaakov Kaplan
Aliza Robin and Shmuel Gomes
Chanie Yachad and Menachem Hecht
Kayla Wold and Daniel Tamir
Nicole Litvin and David Fisher


Our building committee chair, Ryan Shapiro and his wife Dinie, 
on the Bar Mitzvah of their son Dovie.

Paul and Nancy Hamburger on the birth of their grandson
Avraham Gedaliah (Evan Robert).

Our chazzan Barak Hullman and his wife Noga, 
on the Bar Mitzvah of their son Natan Chaim.

Our executive office administrative assistant, 
 Sarah Kramer-Rosen, on the birth of her first baby boy

Baby Avraham Gedaliah Hamburger

Mayanot alumnus Ronnie Sternberg (Sydney, Australia) 
and Schirley Msika (Paris, France)

Mayanot alumni Tal Lopez and Paultiel Ratzenberg 

Mayant Alumnus, Adam Zartz, and baby Allegra Molly