Pre Pesach Mazal Tov's

May we only continue to celebrate simchas together.

Penina and Jason Allen had a baby boy 
Pia and Amram BenDavid had a baby boy
Max and Mariya Dayan had a baby girl
Chaya and Shimon Dubinsky had a baby boy
Elizabeth and Matt Esterhorn had a baby girl
Yossi and Shterny Glick had a baby boy 
Nessia and Yerachmiel Goldstein had a baby girl
Shula and Lior Gorgi had a baby girl 
Jesse and Chanie Kaufman had a baby girl
Noa and Michoel Klein had a baby girl
Ariella Malka and Moshe Kranz had a baby boy
Ariella and Jacob Rich had a baby boy
Yosef and Devora Romano had a baby boy
Isaac and Natalie Schapira had a baby boy
Rachel and Shachar Shaltil had twins
Lauren and Dovid Ussishkin had a baby girl
Shana and Daniel Wirzberger had a baby boy 
Hannah and Gavriel Witkin had a baby girl

Bracha Rivka Kapp to Moshe Nachman Abramson
Sabrina Benros and Harel Baruchi
Chaya Bekermus to Adam Garcia
Ayla Pastelnick to Zach Gilbert-Burke
Chava Hinsey to Chaim Ahron Green
Danielle Savva to Yoel Kaufman
Ruchama Steben to Eliezer Phillips
Shifra Landry to Jason Segal
Shterny Fogelman to Mendy Tubal

A big Mazal Tov to our Board Member
Yaakov and his wife Karen Cohen on the birth of their grandson,
and to the parents Michal and Yoni Katzir!

(Chava Hensey and Chaim Ahron Green)

(Chaya Bekermus and Adam Garcia)

(Sabrina Benros and Harel Baruchi) 

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