Mazal Tov To The Mayanot Family

May we only continue to celebrate simchas together.

David and Tehara Barrocas
Shalom and Shizue Bergovoy
Dovi and Sara Rachel Braun
Alex and Chana Colin
Ari and Chaya Goldwasser
Zachary And Samantha Gross
Shmuel and Margarlit Hoffman
Tzvi and Esther Ita Holt
Rabbi Yitzchak and Aviva Kaufmann
Evan and Tova Levine 
Michael and Alexa Mechanic
Binyomin and Chava Schechter 
Alex and Noam Scheepens 
Eduardo and Aline Tamezgui

Shaina Boteach to Moshe Gitler
Danielle Sava to Yoel Kaufman
Tali Moore to Brad Widawer

Rebecca Delshad to Michael Ghode
Leah Molayem to Yossi Nussbaum
Sandra Bram to Mendy Paul
Deena Shanowitz to Sholom Ber Wolberg 

Mazal tov to alum Yaacov Cahnman and his wife Tifferet 
on opening their Chabad house in Temecula, California 

Mazel Tov to Rabbi Shmulie & Debbie Boteach and 
Avraham & Tzipi Glick on the birth of their grandson 

Mazal tov to Richard Szental on the birth of his grandson

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