Experiencing Israel with Mayanot Legacy

Last month, the Mayanot Institute of Jewish Studies hosted a group of 32 people from the United States. The trip, called Mayanot Legacy, was attended mostly by parents of our Birthright Israel alumni, and aimed to give the participants a similar journey as their children had. 

For many, this was their first time in Israel. For others, while they've been here once or more, admitted that the group experience, the knowledgable guides, and the carefully planned itinerary made the trip like no other. 

For nearly everyone, it was their first time experiencing Friday night at the Kotel, a moment many will cherish for years to come. One particular highlight for everyone was the Shabbos dinners at the homes of local hosts. They were welcomed in by people they had never met as if they were long lost family coming back for a visit. The friendship and love made a real impression on the group. 

Levi Margolin, the group's scholar in residence said that this experience was very similar to a Birthright Israel trip. "The group atmosphere, the peer experience, were all very similar but, here, you're dealing with people with real life experience under their belts. That's a totally different ballgame."

The eight day journey began up North, visiting the Galil and Golan, including a visit to Tzfat and then traveled south to Jerusalem, the desert and finally, Tel Aviv where the journey came to a close. 

For more information regarding our upcoming Mayanot Legacy trips, please email [email protected] or check out the website www.mayanotlegacy.com