Recent Mazal Tovs

Mazal Tov to all the new additions to our Mayanot family:
Ritter Baby

Dr. Chaim Binyomin and Leah Arias had a baby boy
Mia Rachel and Arye Baldioceda had a baby girl
Sarale (Gurary)  and Heshy Benshimon  had a baby boy
Chana Rosa and Shlomo Bogart  had a baby girl
Yita Mirel and Shneur Broh had a baby boy
Dovid and Chana Burns had a baby boy
Sherianne (Crouse) and Danny Lillian had a baby boy
Aviva (Pobiel) and Danny Linton had a baby boy
Tzachi and Tzila Magnagy had a baby boy 
Mikey & Talia Nomi Mitnick had a baby girl
Davida (Linzer) and Binyamin Murray had a girl
Dr. Avrohom and Yutty Pollinger had twin boys
Sara Shifra (Swerdlow) and Ariel Rice had a baby boy
Harry and Rebecca Ritter had a baby boy 
Chaim and Arielle Schimm  had a baby boy
Gabe and Naomi Schwed had a baby boy 
Elana Yakovlev and Aron Seigel had a baby boy
Chava (Zviklin) and Michoel Shapiro had a baby boy
Yehudis and Yitzchak Smith had a baby boy
Adam and Jodi Weinstein had a baby boy

טובים ולמעשים לחופה לתורה לגדלה
We are so pleased for you and know that your children will be great sources of joy and pride to you. May you be blessed with good health, happiness and much nachas!

Ariel Sharon Yomtovian is getting married to Arye Canter
Chaya Kalmenson recently married Heshy Ceitlin
Mushky Lesches is getting married to Mordy Gershon
Shayna Rapp recently married Mendel Jaffe
Rachel Gelfand is getting married to Aaron Kornbluth
Chana Engel recently married Adam Nisenoff
Hadassah Silberstein is getting married to Zalmy Shemtov
Anna Israel recently married Alex Colin

May we only continue to have nachas and share simchas together!

If we have not included you in our Mazal Tovs please send us an email and we will be sure to do so in our next newsletter. 

Weinstein Family 

 Baldioceda Family

Shapiro Family 

Ritter Family

Schwed Family 

Smith Family