#1 This Summer Season

With three of the newly launched "7-Day Birthright Israel Trips" landing next Tuesday, Mayanot will be winding down their Winter 2017 season. And without skipping a beat, the summer season will be upon us. With registration having been open for one month, Mayanot's Birthright Israel division finds themselves exploring uncharted territories, a potential season with more than 90 groups! That would be the largest season in Mayanot's history, boasting more than 3600 participants from across the United States and Canada. 

The seven team Birthright office works year round to give this gift to the thousands that choose Mayanot. Thank to their efforts, our partner Chabad Houses across the USA and a strong marketing effort - including very effective word of mouth recruitment campaigns - Mayanot has been able to reach this milestone. Long standing as the most popular choice for college students, Mayanot has made positive headway in the young professional sector, this summer even offering a trip for those up to age 29. With several specialty trips - including the first ever trip for Vegans - Mayanot has something for everyone. 

Mayanot is offering more than 35 departure dates beginning April 30th through the end of August from nine departure cities. Mayanot is proud to be offering their first ever trips from the international airport in Austin, TX and a trip from Chicago, IL. And we are excited to bring back flights from San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Miami, NY and more. Mayanot aims to be a comfortable home for every Birthright participant, and participant feedback proves their success! 

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