A Mayanot Alum Making Big Waves in the Jewish World

Elad Nehorai, a Mayanot alum from 2012, now living in Brooklyn,  New York, is making big waves in the Jewish world, and we are very proud!

An artist who is making the most of the Internet is Elad Nehorai, a creative writer and the founder of the fledgling Hevria, an online community for “Jewish and spiritual people who are ‘creators.’” On Hevria.com, writers post their work, and musicians have a clearinghouse to sell their albums. 

While Hevria is now a blog, Nehorai is trying to turn it into something bigger. And, just 12 days into a crowdfunding campaign, he had raised more than double his $4,500 goal to do so. 

“I am trying to bring more creativity into the Jewish public sphere,” Nehorai said. “It’s about giving a voice to Jewish artists. The problem is that the Jewish art world is not funded, and there needs to be a venue that is supporting these artists.”

Nehoria connected with the ROI Community, a Schusterman initiative that supports creative innovators in a quest to increase Jewish engagement.

“ROI is really forward-looking,” Nehoria said, adding that the small grant he received from the organization “was a life preserver.”

Nehoria, 30, intends to create a self-sustaining business model for Jewish creativity through Hevria, including original video content.

“We are desperate for spiritual creativity in our lives,” he said. “There are people dying for this. This is essential for the Jewish community.” 

Nehoria is focusing on getting out a spiritual message through mostly Jewish content and we wish him only hatzlachah

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As seen in the Jewish Chronicle