Experiencing Hevron for Chayei Sara

Sharing this wonderfully descriptive experience of going to Hevron for Parshat Chayei Sara, from our dear friend and current student Baba Boteach. 
I'm currently squished on a bus, stuffed between a suitcase, and my sister sleeping next to me. We, along with thirty five thousand backpack baring, aggressively pushing, passionate Jews are on our way to Chevron, the burial place of our three fathers and three mothers. Being that this weeks Parsha is "Chayei Sara" (the life is Sara), the whole Israel empties out and embarks on their voyage to Hevron, to pay our mother Sara a visit, and show her how much we miss her.
Standing there, waiting as patiently as I could for the bus to arrive, as elbows jabbed, and feet stomped, I wondered how it was possible that thirty five thousand people, many of them young yeshiva students from abroad, were eagerly on their way to show their love to a person that passed away thousands of years ago. Someone we only read about. Someone we are told loved and lived for the Jewish people, yet has never been seen in the flesh. I couldn't help but laugh and tell G-d how lucky He is that He has such devoted, dedicated children.
Although I wish we could all be here together, with Sarah walking around, telling us how long it's been and how good it is to be back, and the Beit Hamikdash standing tall in all its glory, that is not the case as of yet (it will be soon, don't worry).
So, because I can't help myself, and I have to mix chassidus into this somewhere, I would like to give us all a blessing. May we all be able to hear ourselves, our real inner selves, that spark of G-dliness inside us. Communicate to G-d, father to daughter, husband to wife, master to servant, G-d to nation, that we will bring Him down here to live with us, no matter what it takes. May we be able to block out the "many waters" the incessant distraction that try to drown us, and realize that G-d loves us and wants us to choose Him, just like he chose us a very very long time ago.
I really do wish you were all here to see this.

Shavua tov everyone, may we all bring the energy of Sara's life into our week!