This Sunday, Mayanot International Alumni Hakhel Day

We are very excited to invite you to the very first:
Mayanot International Alumni Hakhel Day
This coming Sunday! 

Mayanot Alumni from around the world will be gathering to celebrate
this auspicious year of Hakhel, representing Jewish Unity and Ahavat
Yisroel on Sunday September 25th, 2016, in communities around the

There are many gracious host across the globe, that have offered to
open up their homes for fellow alumni. We want to thank them for
their generosity and willingness to help the Mayanot community. 

Each location will be skyping in with a different Mayanot teacher, 
fabrenging with a local guestspeaker, 
and sharing some wonderful Torah, and good times. 
We hope all of our Alumni can join us! 

See below for more information for each of the global locations. 
If you don't see your home city, don't worry. We will be posting a
recording of a skype call on our men's and women's facebook pages!

SYDNEY(Men and Women)
Host: Eli Herbst
Email: [email protected] 

Host: Eli Bekker
Email: [email protected] 

Host: Talia Chaya Bloom
Email: [email protected] 

JERUSALEM (Men and Women)
Host: David Borrocas
Email: [email protected] 

JOHANNESBURG (Men and Women)
Host: Dev Rothman 
Email: [email protected] 

LA (Men and Women)
Hosts: Becca Delshad, Leah Molayem & Marisa Belinfante
Email: [email protected] 

NEW YORK (Men and Women)
Host: Mayanot, Rabbi Silver 
Email: [email protected] 

MIAMI (Men and Women)
Host: Dovid Duchman
Email: d[email protected]

We can't wait to see you all on skype! 
Please RSVP to the Facebook group or email the hosts so they have an
idea of who is coming! 

If the Facebook event is 'private' and you are having trouble
viewing, send us an email and we will personally invite you, and for
any other questions, please feel free to email us at:
[email protected]