First Israel Alumni Hakhel BBQ

 BBQ Reunion Clip

During this Hakhel year, following the Rebbe’s directive of gathering the masses, Mayanot hosted its first ever Israel Alumni event on Sunday August 28th, 2016.

A family friendly BBQ in Gan Sacher welcomed over 80 attendees and 30 children, across from the location of the new Mayanot World Center, on 7 Ben Tzvi, in Jerusalem. There were alumni present spanning over 20 years of Mayanot’s educational programming. Many were excited to share their experiences from their Yeshiva and Seminary days, and how their experience at Mayanot continues to impact them.

(From Left: Alumnus Sam Schubert and Rabbi Chaim Moss, Educational Director of Mayanot)

Sam Schubert, originally from Dayton, Ohio, made aliyah a few years ago and attended Mayanot in 2012. When asked to reflect on what he gained from his experience, he simply stated, “I will only marry Jewish now”. Kira Waxler, an alumnus from 2013, enthusiastically shared, “I never thought I would end up in a Yeshiva, but I ended up in Mayanot and it completely changed my life.”Dr. Yoni Stanleigh stated that, “I found that learning chassidus at Mayanot has helped me very much, to retain a connection with G-d, Torah and the Mitzvot, and I am very thankful for that.”

The director of the Post High School Program, Rabbi Mordechai Guth, was a student of the Mayanot Men’s Learning Program, and has been teaching at Mayanot for the past 15 years. When asked about his experience learning and teaching at Mayanot, he responded, “Mayanot has changed my life and I wouldn’t be where I am today, or doing what I do, without it.”

Most of the attendees have made Aliyah, and Israel is their permanent home, and were very open about feeling supported by the Mayanot family and the friends they made while they were learning.
Rabbi Wichnin, the Rosh Yeshiva of the Men’s Program, inspired the crowd with a beautiful explanation for the idea of Hakhel and the important for all of Am Yisroel to unify and come together in their love of a fellow Jew.

Mayanot is very proud of their alumni, and their achievements, all over the world and are very excited to do more of these types of events. To find out how you can host a similar alumni gathering, in your city, please email: [email protected] 

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