Great Expectations

A Mayanot Students reflection:

Last year I had the privilege of coming to Mayanot. The moment I left, I began planning my return.

This trip, I had great expectations of Mayanot based on my previous experience, but I was warned that I should not expect this trip to be as powerful.

Fortunately, Mayanot has not let me down and has exceeded all of my expectations. After a long year of waiting, I came home and was welcomed by new faces who immediately became my sisters.

Being in South Africa for the past year was a struggle in terms of learning, trying to stay in touch with Judaism and being who I want to be. However, it did allow me to truly appreciate how lucky I was and am to be at Mayanot.

Mayanot gives us the opportunity to learn with understanding and experienced teachers. it enables us to reach a potential that we did not know existed within us. And more importantly, we are able to be our true selves without pressure or expectations.

My second time at Mayanot is incomparable to the first, because no two experiences can ever be the same! I am so grateful to be back home and am blessed to have gained more sisters.

I cannot wait to continue my Mayanot journey, and I know that when I leave, I will have the tools and spark to continue my growth.

By: Samantha Tailard, Current Mayanot Student from Johannesburg, South Africa
(Taken from the Mayanot 7th Annual Anniversary Pamphlet)