7th Annual Mayanot Women's Gala

7 Years of Mayanot Women Gathered 
to Celebrate the Annual Gala Dinner.

This special evening took place on the 24th of Tevet and several Mayanot alumni were in attendance for this year’s celebration. It was a pleasure to hear how the skills they gained and the friends they made during the Women’s Program have stayed with them over the years.

One such student Batya Mayer, remarked, “Mayanot has been one of the best experiences of my life. All the students here are serious about learning and bettering themselves, everyone is kind to each other and we are all good friends”.

Alyssa Kirsch, a current student with a particularly interesting story, retold, “I chose Mayanot because my shlucha at the Roitman Chabad Center of Cornell, highly recommended it”. Her Rebbetzin, Miri Birk is a Mayanot Alumni from the first year program in 2006. Seeing as how the evening’s slogan was ‘Coming Full Circle’ it seemed very appropriate for Alyssa to speak.

Entertainment included the Mayanot Women’s Choir, a video of the Rebbe on the Jewish woman being the ‘pillar of her home and lots of delicious food and refreshments.

A unique part of the program at Mayanot is the emphasis on serious textual learning and gaining the skills in order to delve into the deeper texts. Mayanot has partnered with the Pimsleur Program and many certificates of achievement were presented to those students who have excelled in their Hebrew Studies.

Rebbetzin Dina Hendel, Shlucha from Chabad of Talpiot exclaimed, “When I started teaching at Mayanot 7 years ago there were only 10 women and one shlucha but now there are hundreds of women that have come through these doors”. There is a feeling of ownership at Mayanot, like this is our home. At such a warm and inviting educational center, the teachers share the sentiment, she said.

Sarah Kramer, Mayanot alum affirmed, “We are all just so grateful to be a part of such an amazing organization. I attended Mayanot 6 years ago and it is still such a huge part of my life. We are building a wonderful and vibrant community here, who wouldn't want to be a part of that?”

A big thank you to all the teachers, staff and Shabbat host families who have made this year's event the amazing experience it was. Special thanks to the Gestetners, Shemtovs, and Levingers for helping to change the lives of so many women.