My Lighthouse

By: Hallie Lapides, Mayanot Alumni

The definition of a light house is this:
A tower or other structure displaying or flashing a very bright light for the guidance of ships, in avoiding dangerous areas, in following certain routes, etc. 

At its essence Mayanot is truly a light house. This concept fully embodies what Mayanot is.  In life our choices are not always easy. We are faced with challenges along our way just like a ship at sea. Mayanot does not tell you exactly where to go, or even what path to follow - what it does do is shine light on the path you are already on.

I looked through all of the notes I have taken during classes since I first began two weeks ago. I was looking for common words and themes. I ended up with a jumbled pile of beautiful words, and from that I composed an innocent poem. 

This journey is my own
Here I know I never walk it alone
There is a spark inside
A connection to the Divine
A oneness between my soul, heart and mind
This responsibility is great
So I do and do more
And try not to hate
Understanding of each-other
We can cultivate
The truth is in me
It is who I already am
So I learn and 
I grow everyday
Not letting the experience
Just fade away
My inspiration has depth
So I pray to Hashem
It stays strong
It feels like the light
Has just been turned on!