Mayanot Shul Spreads light this Chanukah

One of the greatest miracles that occurred during Chanukah and the Macabean revolt was that there were Jews willing to stand up and fight against the over arching power of the Greeks. Antiochus made the observance of Judaism an offense punishable by death.

It is an amazing miracle in our day that Jews can come together and celebrate Chanukah out in the open, spreading light and sharing Torah for all to see.

The Mayanot shul utilized the energy of the holiday to publicize this amazing miracle by organizing a community event that over 250+ members, alumni and new friends came to participate in. This event turned out to be one of the most joyous gatherings of people, art and music for the Chag.

Nathaneal Harkham and his wife Jacqueline Harkham, donated over 15 pieces of art for the event. Some of the paintings included Jonah’s Journey, The Praying Tree, Light and Moshiach and the funds of each painting sold was donated to Mayanot.

David Brooks, a Mayanot Alum and talented artist from Sydney Australia, donated 3 of the paintings he created specifically for the Chanukah party. All of the art displayed throughout the shul had biblical and kabalistic themes and everyone who came out recognized the beauty and appreciated the creative atmosphere shared by these amazing artists.

There were two live painting stations, and the event ran late into the evening with the crowd eagerly looking on as the paintings were created from start to finish.

A new member to the Mayanot community, Dahlia Oziel remarked, “there were so many new people to meet it was so nice seeing other young people in the community, and the live music and painting display was spectacular.”

Community members and new friends mingled and enjoyed the amazing music by the Nachman Jam Band, which proved a huge success and added so much to the simcha.

Rabbi Gestetner, Dean of the Mayanot Institute of Jewish Studies thanked everyone for coming out and sharing in the light of Chanukah. Lighting the menorah together with so many people partaking in the mitzvah, really made the whole gathering come together.

Projects coordinator for Mayanot, Susie Muller, was very happy with the event, “both artists  demonstrated their extreme talent and with everyone who came out, we were able to spread light to people who might not yet have felt comfortable coming to shul”.

Mayanot would like to thank Yossi Fraenkel, David Brooks and both Nethaneal & Jacqueline Harkhams for collaborating on this amazing event. May we only continue to spread the light and warmth of Chanukah into the rest of the year. Chag Sameach!

Check out the link to the video, Here!