Mayanot remarkably comes together to write its third Sefer Torah

A unique and joyous celebration took place at the Mayanot shul in Jerusalem when the Mayanot community united for a recent Hachnasat Sefer Torah. Members took part in a historic moment by participating in the welcoming of a new Sefer Torah to the shul. 

The occasion began with a special ceremony, when the last few letters were inscribed into the beautiful Torah.  Thirty community members were each able to take part in the mitzvah of writing one of the letters. After the ink dried, there was a beautiful procession from the Fraenkel family home to the Mayanot shul in Nachlaot, where hundreds of families and friends joined together for the celebration. Music and dancing accompanied the expression of joy by the crowd, as the Sefer Torah was finally placed in its new home.

The Sefer Torah was dedicated as a symbol and sign of achdut by the community of the Mayanot shul. Each individual involved whether by letter, word, verse, chapter or book, all united as one in the combined effort to conclude the Sefer Torah. Heartfelt thanks from Mayanot go out to the Fischbaum Family of London, dedicated to Asher Zelig and Esther Fischbaum, without whose initiative and help this project never would have come to fruition.

Commensurate with the mitzvah that every Jew at should participate in the mitzvah of writting a Sefer Torah, this opportunity for the entire community to fulfill that 613th mitzvah, demonstrated the unique zechus that Mayanot offered its members. Rabbi Wichnin, Rosh Yeshiva of the Men’s Mayanot Program, discussed the importance of the mitzvah of buying a letter in the Sefer Torah, and how each Torah scroll is incomplete if it is missing even one letter. Rabbi Wichnin remarked, “No letter is more important than another. It is the culmination of each and every letter, indicative of the entire Jewish people, that makes the Sefer Torah whole and holy”.
Rabbi Gestetner, Dean of the Mayanot Institute discussed the importance of the verse “Ve’asisa Es Ha Menora”, where the Menorah is mentioned in singular terms but he clarified that when it comes to making the Aron (the Ark for the tablets, the symbol of the Torah), it is written in plural. “We learn from this, that in order to create a Torah community, we need the involvement of every individual.”
The special evening concluded at the shul with a distinctive seudat mitzvah.  Surrounded by many honored guests and members, Rabbi Shemtov, Executive Director of Mayanot, conveyed heartfelt thanks and appreciation for the communities support and overall enthusiasm which is a true Kiddush Hashem.

Although there were many people who supported the effort, Mayanot would like to thank the following for their involvement: Tajtelbaum Family, Ami & Aliza Weisz, David & Shifrah Hendrie, Moshe David Gold, and Moshe Chess.

Also, to Yossi Fraenkel for giving of his generous time, effort and hard work, to the entire Fraenkel Family for their dedicated support and marvelous hospitality, and to the entire Mayanot community for helping make this momentous addition to the shul possible!