Florida Rabbi Speaks in Jerusalem

A rabbi from Palm Beach helped launch the Mayanot Women's summer program in Jerusalem despite Israel being under fire.
The summer program at Mayanot Institute In Jerusalem recently began and the women were in for a special treat.

Rabbi Moshe Scheiner of Palm Beach Florida, farbrenged in honor of Yud Beis Tammuz. He discussed topics such as Jewish birthdays, Divine providence and the power of one mitzva. All those listening to the heartfelt and powerful words were deeply moved by what they heard.

Orah Simcha Farhi, who is a current student and participant in the 2014 summer session at Mayanot commented, "what stood out the most was the obvious Divine providence, when someone gives over a personal story from their own lives, it strikes the deepest chords in you."

Rabbi Scheiner discussed Jewish birthdays and their importance in our lives, "your Hebrew birthdays has a special Mazal for you, you have a special power to give blessings... the divine flow and energy that is earmarked specifically for you comes down on that day."

He also addressed the current issues, in the wake of recent events in Eretz Yisroel and how we are encouraged to take the situation in stride. The necessity and importance of hearing words of encouragement and comfort, could not be more appropriate.

"Sometimes in life we live with worries but there is nothing to worry about - it's all smoke and mirrors," he said. "Our goal is too fear nothing but Hashem and if we can do that we will never live in the shadow of fear."

It is no coincidence that the Rebbe instituted the 'mivtzoyim' of tefillin during the 6 day war. "Our real protection is the teffilin," he said.

Rabbi Scheiner mesmerized the women as he told them stories from his personal life, how he met his wife and when he would go on mivztoyim as a teenager.

He went on to tell the women about a particular story, in his own life, where he put teffilin on a man in the S. Thomas island in the Virgin Islands. The impact it had changed the man’s life and only 23 years later did he realize that that one mitzvah had such a huge impact.

Rabbi Scheiner aptly explained, "you never know where things will lead, but you have to take the first step, one mitzvah leads to another."

He demonstrated how important reaching out to every Jew is and how the seemingly smallest act can tip the scale in a Jew’s life.

Students thanked Rabbi Scheiner for how beautifully he articulated what was on his mind and shared it in a personal and uplifting manner.

Please view the link below for any more information on the Mayanot Women’s Program, they would be more than happy to welcome you. http://www.mayanot.edu