Mayanot Women’s Program Celebrates 6th Anniversary!

The Mayanot Women’s Program celebrated its 6th anniversary with an evening of laughter and joy, dancing and singing. The Mayanot women, together with friends and faculty, rejoiced at reaching this incredible milestone. So much hard work and preparation went into making the evening special, which was mirrored by the great success of the evening.

As a token of their appreciation, the Mayanot women painted tea boxes for the faculty, friends of Mayanot, and Shabbat host families. The recipients were touched when they were presented with their own unique boxes. A creative, student made video was screened that included short interviews with the women and Rabbi Levinger. A beautifully designed booklet, placed at everyone’s table setting, was filled with fantastic poems, illustrations, and stories about how Mayanot has had a lasting effect on its students.

The speeches from students, friends, and hosts illustrated how many people come together on a daily basis to make Mayanot a place of sisterhood, serious learning, and spirituality. Mayanot student Rachel Graff, a PhD student from North Carolina, said a D’var Torah, followed by a L’chaim, saying “May we all succeed in conquering our egos, tap into our true essence and unite as a Mayanot family”.

Mr. Andrew Abraham, a board member and friend of Mayanot, spoke about how the Women’s Program was created and the obstacles they faced to make the dream of a Mayanot program for women a reality. Mr. Abraham’s words made the women appreciate all the people who make Mayanot possible.

As a regular Shabbat hostess, Mrs. Laurie Lurie has cultivated many meaningful relationships with Mayanot students. She reflected on what a pleasure it is to host Mayanot women at her Shabbat table, and even exclaimed, “The way that the Mayanot women act is the best PR Mayanot can have!”

The choir presented a heartwarming rendition of an original song composed by Chana Mushka, with music by Cheved Kraz, entitled ‘River of Eden’. The women in the room were led by the choir in lively nigguns and the smiles and laughter in the room were contagious. The night concluded with a farbrengen where the Rabbis gave inspiring interpretations of the parsha of the week. The power and the beauty of the dinner invigorated and strengthened the Mayanot women as a group.

We would like to thank everyone who came to our anniversary dinner and a special thank you to those who contributed to the success of the evening. The event would not have been the same without you. L’Chaim!

Written by Mayanot student: Kira Waxer & Pru Reardon