Mayanot Remembers Myra Kraft z"l with Yarzheit Lecture

Last Wednesday night, Mayanot commemorated the 2nd yarzheit of Myra Kraft z"l by inviting Barbara Sofer to speak at the Women's Program. 

Rabbi Gestetner opened the program by speaking of Myra Kraft and her dedication to supporting the education of women, especially the women of Mayanot. He explained that Myra was not only a generous philanthropist, but she was also a woman who was genuinely interested in helping people on a personal level. Myra is an impeccable role model for our students, since she is a shining example of a strong Jewish woman who made a large impact in the world. 

Barbara Sofer was chosen to speak on the occasion of Myra's yarzheit, since Barbara is also a highly accomplished female Jewish leader, acting as the director of public relations for Hadassah in Israel, the Women's Zionist Organization of America. Mrs. Sofer captivated the women at Mayanot with her stories and inspired them to be more aware of the miracles that happen around us in Jerusalem.