From Sinai to Cyberspace

In honor of Shavuot, the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute and TorahCafé.com created a Webcast which highlights new and revolutionary programs offered to learn Torah. One of the 5 programs which was profiled was the Mayanot Women's Program. As an alumna of Mayanot, it was a true honor to take part in the creation of this Webcast. A huge thank you to Rabbi Levinger and current Mayanot WP students for being so accommodating!

A little of the philosophy behind the Webcast....

The receiving of the Torah is not something that happened on one day, thousands of years ago; it is an ongoing process. Every year we are meant to receive the Torah anew in a deeper and more complete way. Yet, each year that has passed since Matan Torah has taken us further away from that original time it was given, a time when Torah seemed so real and present. Today we live in a world where many people see the Torah as an icon of history - distant from their modern life. My goal with this video was to bring out the idea that Torah is not a history book - its our living and breathing connection to our Creator. As Jews, no matter where we are physcially or spiritually, there is always a way to incorporate Torah into our lives. I hope you enjoy this video and please share it on Facebook, tweet it, send it to friends - get the word out there!

Miri Birk