A Special Goodbye From Yoel

Editor's note: Yoel Clark, a recent graduate, left recently from Mayanot and forgot to leave a letter for all of us.  So he emailed us one.  We thought we'd make it available here, as well as at the Men's Program, so everyone that met him can read his special goodbye.

To the Rabbis, bocherim, shluchim, and staff of Mayanot,

Thank you for everything. I'm sorry this letter is so late; perhaps it's because I feel like I never left. It is pointless to try and list the ways that all the people at this Yeshiva have completely reshaped my life, because they are so numerous I would go on for pages. I came here a year and a half ago one person, and came out someone new (and improved).

So many guys grow into menschen here, people who have shared my experience of this gevaldik place. I can't say a bigger thank you, or give a bigger complement, than that.

Advice for newcomers: Mayanot is THE place to learn and ask questions. Explore, learn from everyone you meet, and don't be afraid to challenge. BUT, always be challenging yourself that much more. This place WILL change you, and change is scary, so jump in with both feet. The only guarantee is that you'll end up better for it.

If anyone is in ever the SF/Bay Area, look me up.