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A very simple question.

If a phenomenon objectively occurs in space and time, even for one moment, can it be dismissed to the imagination?

Absolutely not! LOGIC dictates that every occurrence has to be included equally within the hearts and mind of human beings as an absolute true element of reality! The manner in which this element of reality is CHOSEN to be defined, interpreted, studied or focused on is far too often left to the subjective/limited scope of human minds. The pure fact that an unusual event has occured, no rational Human Being has the right to intellecutally deny! EVEN IF--- THE OBSERVED EVENT COMPLETELY BREAKS THE BOUNDARIES OF A “SUPPOSED” CYCLICAL/NATURAL/LIMITED WORLD.




  1. Yaakov - This is so cool. Your friend's story is such a revealed miracle. He is so blessed to have seen it with such clarity.

  2. B"H

    Thank you very much!

    The purpose of this videos [and many more to come] is to create an empirical database which moves Hashem and Torah from the improperly defined realm of "Nice Philosophical Ideas" to "Intrinsic and Provable Reality."

    A major issue that we run into when explaining Torah, either to ourselves or others, is the inability to take an idea and illustrate how it happens today (i.e. is part of an eternal Torah truth). With a central location that collects and explains, IY"H, hundreds - if not thousands - of modern day experiences [through the lense of Torah], we will no longer face this difficulty.

    For example, the next time someone questions you for praying to Hashem, you will be able to answer that person with Torah and a vast collection of modern-day events that prove your actions Eternal Validity (like the video noted above).

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    Kol Tov.

    Avner Y.D.

    Rabbi Braun once said, in a Tuesday Night Shuir:

    The Ba'al Shem Tov taught that in the times moving towards Moshiach, we will begin to study how our lives ARE THE SECRETS of Torah! Let the study begin.


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