Alumnus of the Week: David Brook

Meet David Brook.  Artist.  Mayanot Alumnus.  Jew.

Born in Sydney, he eventually went on to go to art school at National Art School in 1999.  Since leaving Mayanot David Asher Brook spent five years studying in Yeshivot overseas. Since 2007, David has held five solo art exhibitions and has been a finalist in numerous prominent art prizes including the Brett Whiteley Travelling Artist Scholarship, the Paddington Art Prize and the Blake Prize for Religious Art Director's Cut Exhibition. In 2010 David won the Waverly Art Oil Painting Prize. David lives in Sydney with his wife Hanna and three young children.

But enough from me, here's what he has to say for himself:

"I don’t feel justified within myself living and not creating. If so I feel that something is missing, & that it is all a lost opportunity, a wasted moment of beauty. I find painting a very real and intense moment where you can notice & feel things that nobody can see in the mad rush of this world.
 I love color & paint and this can be an entire motivation to begin a painting, I enjoy putting things down on the canvas to create a narrative that exists in a moment of time."

He also shared with me that, ""I remember Mayanot as being one of the best times in my life. I recently turned 30 and am working towards finishing Shas one day."

What a guy!  We can't wait to hear when you finish, David.  Please keep us informed.

Check out some his work below:




An album he recently worked on:

Check out all the rest of his art here: