Smoke Rises Always to the East

Smoke rises always to the East

memories of the eternal flame now hidden under secrets

of stone song silence while sun sets on a century

awaiting the dawn

savor the rain in Summer heat

even when the skeleton sky is barren

at night silver moon reflects His light

and Angels take flight

among stars that shimmer and glimmer above

the waters that reflect only truth, beauty and wink with understanding

of what is hidden within


Where do we begin?

break the klipah that surrounds, obscures, conceals

make for yourself a vessel that captures, reveals

hear the voice commanding your heard from the depths of your mind

we grasp the Divine

scream silently, ache longingly, laugh joyously, live prayerfully


And if you find yourself lost in your own dusty footprints

echoing down winding hallways that lead nowhere

except into a vat surrounding resounding somewhere

remind yourself that wherever you go, there you are

and there is Hashem in a dew-drop memory dream

of what is, was, and will always be

be you, be free is the key

to unlock your broken birdcage heart

in the morning with

"Modeh Ani lefonecha Melech chai vikayam

shehechazarta bi neshemati bechamlah rabah emunatecha"



When smoke rises always to the East

visions of eternal flame now revealed

over flames of Tehillim, HaKodosh Baruchu I call out to You

when October sun sets Yetzer Hara and Yetzer Tov

battle ravenously for my sanity


Sun sets over the West Bank

I've only got You to thank

for this Land given to Am Yisrael

we Sons and Daughters of Avraham and Sarah Avinue

Hashem Elokienu

all I ask now is that you

bless me with a place to call Home


It's quiet now, sky of rose blue twilight

and angels take flight

among the stars that shimmer and glimmer

reflecting truth reflecting beauty reflecting light reflecting water reflecting Torah


Smoke rises always to the East

where The Holy Temple will soon stand, (please G-d)

but as for tonight, today its light is in our heart, mind and soul


While I sit reflecting the fading light, I become like the night

the call to prayer stops

the echoes stop

and I am left with

the silence of the wind with winter ridding on its feathers

and my loneliness is Alone-One-Ness

that echoes off the rocks and into the sky

reflected in amber-blue dusk reflected

on these cragged gray rocks

I wait

until the sky she drains herself of color

and I tiptoe back home...


...Where I long to see the eternal flame burning

where two souls mirror one soul

Where my rambling feet can finally rest

in our home that is Shalom manifest

where smoke rises always to the East...