Alumnus of the Week: Reuben "Prodezra Beats" Formey

Reuben Formey, aka Prodezra Beats, is one of the veterans of Mayanot.  Old school.  And he has brought the lessons from Mayanot all the way into his rap and hip-hop life.  He even included a song about Mayanot in his latest album.  Awesome. Check out his bio below as well as the awesome video to learn more about him and his music.

The video:



The bio:

"A Chabad Baal T'shuva, Prodezra hails from Savannah, GA where he started making beats as a hobby in early high school with just an old Casio board & computer. Being a member of school bands from a young age contributed to his knack for creating hard-hitting tracks early on. Time passed & he collaborated on a number of local projects. After making some changes in his own life, he's now using his G-d given talent for good. He is working on music with artists abroad, proving his abilities in the public arena. Prodezra draws strength from his desire to make music that people do more than just listen to, but will actually feel within their soul. But he won't take the credit for the music for himself...assuring that he is only blessed from G-d to be a vessel to deliver these powerful and positive sounds. Hence, he takes the "L'Shem Shamayim" part of his work very seriously. While he is one of the only Jewish track makers coming from a foundation of Southern Bump that hits you hard & plays no games, Prodezra brings a love of all music that gives him versatility in creating Hip-Hop, "Country-Rap" Tunes, Pop, & Rock tracks, etc."


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