Alumnus of the Week: Reuben "Prodezra Beats" Formey

Reuben Formey, aka Prodezra Beats, is one of the veterans of Mayanot.  Old school.  And he has brought the lessons from Mayanot all the way into his rap and hip-hop life.  He even included a song about Mayanot in his latest album.  Awesome. Check out his bio below as well as the awesome video to learn more about him and his music.

The video:



The bio:

"A Chabad Baal T'shuva, Prodezra hails from Savannah, GA where he started making beats as a hobby in early high school with just an old Casio board & computer. Being a member of school bands from a young age contributed to his knack for creating hard-hitting tracks early on. Time passed & he collaborated on a number of local projects. After making some changes in his own life, he's now using his G-d given talent for good. He is working on music with artists abroad, proving his abilities in the public arena. Prodezra draws strength from his desire to make music that people do more than just listen to, but will actually feel within their soul. But he won't take the credit for the music for himself...assuring that he is only blessed from G-d to be a vessel to deliver these powerful and positive sounds. Hence, he takes the "L'Shem Shamayim" part of his work very seriously. While he is one of the only Jewish track makers coming from a foundation of Southern Bump that hits you hard & plays no games, Prodezra brings a love of all music that gives him versatility in creating Hip-Hop, "Country-Rap" Tunes, Pop, & Rock tracks, etc."


For all updates on Prodezra Beats, check out these links:

Buy the new album:



  1. Yes, rapping in front of a bunch of women dancing and fist pumping is very Chassidic indeed.

  2. B”H

    Indeed it is…especially when many of those women (and men) love rap music and are looking for a kosher alternative to the kelipah rap that’s all over radio and TV. They can either be at a rap show where they’re getting garbage thrown into their neshamas or they can come to see Prodezra, Nosson Zand, Ben Schwed, Mor-To-Life, and many more and get the truth in a way that gives them the same energy they would get at a treif show, only it will be positive energy and they’ll leave with a holy message. Maybe they’ll even get the albums to carry the good vibes & experience with them. By the way, I’ve never seen a farbrengen where people weren’t fist pumping…THE REBBE pumped his fist during song. And those women (and men) appreciate what we do…we’ve heard and seen it first hand on many occasions, so don’t speak on what you don’t know. I pray you learn to deal with the desire to speak Loshon Hara this Pesach and find the good points in what your brothers are out here trying to accomplish. Chag Kasher V’Sameach

  3. So men and women dancing and singing (rapping) together, in close quarters, with NO mahitza, is good because its better secular rapping and dancing (ie: fist pumping - fist pumping it self is not the issue)?

    This is not Loshon Hara, the video clearly shows what is happening and is open for discussion.

    The inescapably fact is that, he was preforming in front of, what appeared to be, religious women, with out a mahitza. Just because Jewish rapping is "appreciated" doesn't justify the performance being conducted in an untzinus manner.

    Men and women also can get the same energy at a wedding as they would from a dance club, but that does that mean we should remove a mahitza from a wedding because its not 'garbage'.

    Furthermore, there are performances by Jewish musicians in public arenas with appropriate mahitzas between the women and men and the performers.

    Your offer of prayers reeks of condescension. I pray that this Pesach you become as humble as matza. Chag Kasher V'Sameach.

  4. Well what about the secular kids who have jewish Neshumahs that dont live in Crown Heights. They dont get to see a kosher wedding. No matter how corny I think jewish rap is, these people know how to speak to a certain demographic if people, that the shtark chassids cant get through to. The greatest light comes from Darkness, and if you believe in the words of your Rebbe, and the previous Rebbeim, you will see that the only thing these kids are doing is opening up a door for these other secular non religious or affiliated jews who's souls are screaming for something and they dont know where to get it. Keep your frumkite to yourself, be a mench and try to see things through the eyes of a Ba'al Teshuva. Its not easy to take that leap from nothing to something.

  5. B"H

    Let me explain some things because you are clearly uninformed about what's happening here. When it comes to reaching out to those who are not as observant as you are, do you think you can demand they use a mechitza, demand they put on teffilin, or any other religious observance? NO. Does that mean that you will choose not to reach out to them at all because they are not currently at the same level of observance as you? THAT would reek of condescension. It seems you've never learned about meeting people at the place where they stand in order to, G-d willing, bring them up a little higher from that place. Most people we perform in front of are not religious crowds and they don't understand when you come in and force a mechitza, separate them from friends, and perhaps make them feel judged and out of their element. So the lack of a mechitza is NOT good, but when it allows you to create a comfortable environment for people to receive your message from where they currently stand in observance, the results can be wonderful. People's lives have changed from many of these shows.

    And YES your words were Loshon Hara, a sarcastic wise crack not intended to open up a conversation, but to instead speak negatively about a fellow jew. Open discussions based on a video do not make this permissible...look it up in Shmirat Halashon. You should have begun with a comment more like the last thing you wrote if you really disagreed and were not seeking to be a smart allack.

    The only part of the video where I was performing in front of observant women was at a religious high school that invited me and they had girls on one side and boys on the other and there was nothing untznius about it.

    Weddings are not coordinated for the same reason nor to try to accomplish the same purpose as one of these shows, which you totally lack of understanding about, so the comparison is not good. And the Jewish musicians you are referring to who always have a mechitza are NOT catering to the same crowd (and many times not the same generation) as we are so you can't compare the two and try to throw them in the same box. Not the same music, not talking to the same people, not the same age group, not a crowd dealing with the same issues, etc etc.

    I am not being condescending my friend, nor do I claim to be Moshe Rabbeinu on the humility scale. Your comment was phrased as an attack, not an intelligent remark to spark a serious dialogue...and was not humble in the slightest. And that puts you in the position of being condescending as if a judge. I have no problem with a meaningful discussion, but dislike cheap shot one-liners on a blog. You have my apology if I reacted in kind. Let's both be better this Pesach. And I mean that with love and appreciation for your point of view as a yid. Blessings.

  6. I imagine it was partly sanctimonious criticism like this from within Chabad that pushed Matisyahu away from Chabad.

  7. Feeeeeeeh.... Call the emergency farbrengen squad!! This kid needs a some mashkeh asap!! Pour a l'chaim on that ice cold heart of his.

    Wishing everyone a judgement free, ahavas yisroel-filled kosher and freilechen Pesach.


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