Song of the Week: The Sun

Watch out Bob Dylan.  Yerachmiel Goldstein is coming.

Yerachmiel is a folk singer from New York.  His music evokes the folk music of the 60's but is heavily influenced by his chassidic learning and Jewish studies.

This music is powerful, folks.  Press play and enter his world.


[audio:|titles=The Sun by Yerachmiel Goldstein]


The sky is fixed

In moonlit eyes

Never asking why

Nor to know


And the sea tells the sun

Who asks the one

Where did I come from

And go


But who cares!

They cried

At the limited sky

Never asking why

Nor to know



Well I’ve done my share

To all those who care

And I guess

There’s not much  more


So shouting I sighed

To the men who cried

Always saying goodbye

To the sun


Well do I go

Where the sun begins to snow

And the fun begins to go




And the thrills I sought

Were null and void

Being one of the boys

And the men


So out on my own

Where I've been trampled to the bone

That led me home



And the moon still moans

At the sun’s reigning throne

Thought it’s not its own

But pretends


And beyond the stars

And In between mars

And far within all

that grows


And Limitless light

That Hides behind the night

Withholding all its might

With a sigh