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4 years.  4 years since an attack in Jerusalem.

Then bam.  Everything changed.

A bomb exploded by the central bus station today.  One person died.  I'm sure you already know.

It's easy to feel lost, confused and afraid in such an environment.  Easy, when all of Jerusalem was literally shaken by the blast, to feel as if there is no security, no safety to be found in our true home.

That is why it is important for the students, alumni and friends of Mayanot, for those who have been here and experienced its beauty to share their thoughts and prayers for Mayanot, Jerusalem and the Jewish people.

Comment on this post to share your thoughts, feelings, and prayers about the recent attack in Jerusalem.


  1. Nothing beats waking up in Israel, the Holiest Land in the world! I’m feeling unbelievably blessed to be exactly where I am, surrounded by my brothers and sisters who share the same enormous love for our land and the entire Jewish people!

    Yes, we are all feeling the result of the terrible tragedy that has hit so close to home and befallen our community but G-d doesn't sleep on us... The Rebbe insisted that Eretz HaKodesh is the safest place in the world and that those who are there studying should stay exactly where they are. I have never felt safer. I have never felt prouder. I’ve never felt happier to be home.

    As we’re still in the spirit of Purim, we should ask Hashem to reveal the good in all of his ways and that all of his Children’s blessings which are not yet revealed should manifest clearly and openly. May Hashem answer all of our Tefillos, reveal his ultimate kindness to the Jewish Nation & Eretz Yisrael and show the world that they can't destroy us -- we’re here to stay!

    In merit of our tefillot, may G-d bless all of our wounded brothers and sisters and may we hear bsurot tovot very soon!

    Am Yisrael Chai!


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